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Season 3, Episode 10
"Show Me The Monkey"

Aired January 23, 2007 on The CW
Recap/Review by Yellowqueen22

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Yellowqueen22, moderator of the Neptunesite Forums (swing by there if you haven't already!), is now gracing us with weekly recaps and reviews of VM episodes. WARNING: If you have not seen the episode, spoilers definitely follow.

Short Summary:

Keith investigates Dean O’Dell’s death, which has been ruled a suicide by the police. Veronica, with the help of Mac and Parker, is on the search for a missing monkey. Logan and Veronica deal with the ramifications of their breakup.


“All we need is one more angel and we got a show.”

Murder Mystery - Veronica is back working with Keith at Mars Investigations when Mindy O’Dell arrives looking for Keith’s help. Mindy wants Keith to prove that her husband was murdered and did not kill himself so that she and her two children can get the life insurance money. Keith promises to do some digging and take the case if he feels there is any merit to the murder theory. First, Keith finds Weevil on campus with Veronica’s help and interviews him about finding the Dean’s body. Weevil found the Dean at 7am with his head on his office desk. Weevil realized the Dean was dead when he saw the blood and found a memo on his computer stating “goodbye cruel world zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.” While in the Dean’s office Keith notices that Cyrus’ 40 year old bottle of scotch is unopen, the same scotch Cyrus lived in anticipation of drinking (episode 3.9).

When Keith discusses the case with Veronica, Veronica reveals that her “Perfect Murder” paper was based on a fake suicide death and the example she gave was a computer written message saying “goodbye cruel world.” Next Keith tries to get information out of Hank Landry at a bar with a sappy, messed up story of the crazy things he did for a woman. However, Landry already knows who Keith is and confronts him without answering any of his questions. In the end, Keith decides to take Mindy’s case and investigate Cyrus’ death.

Missing Monkey - Mac arrives to a trashed laboratory and two desperate lab technicians, Pauline & Gil, after they call for computer tech support. The computer was sabotaged, 20 lab rats were stolen, and the primary research tool, lab monkey number 25, was taken. Mac brings Veronica on the case to find the missing monkey. The technicians suspect that People for Human Animal Treatment (PHAT) liberated the animals, and thus begins Veronica’s search for the missing monkey. Veronica and Mac infiltrate a PHAT meeting where they meet the organization’s adorable leader, Bronson Pope.

Veronica and Mac are invited and attend a letter campaign meeting in order to further infiltrate PHAT. While Veronica is all gung ho and trying to find out about PHAT’s more daring campaigns, Bronson flirts intently with Mac. Two PHAT members encourage Veronica to do something to prove herself as a true activist. Veronica enlists Piz to convince a gun toting, meat eating, leather wearing rock man to come onto his radio talk show. Veronica, Mac, and Parker play “Charlie’s Angels” as they pretend to be sorority fans of the rock star in order to trick him into a photo with his shirt saying “meat is murder.” Veronica gets the picture in the school paper and the girls prove they are truly down for the animal rights cause.
Meanwhile, Veronica questions a plant studying lab technician who bears a grudge against the animal testing lab technicians.

Veronica invites Bronson to the Around the World dorm party in an attempt to hook him up with Mac. The girl’s decide for their room to be Canada and create the mood by posting a moose picture and playing Barenaked Ladies. At the party, Parker convinces the girls to mingle and be wooed, none of them are terribly successful. A late Bronson shows up at the party, spends an hour chatting with Mac, and is rejected when he tries to kiss her goodbye. Parker convinces to Mac to go see Bronson with an excuse of returning his ID, which was stolen by Parker. After some awkward conversation, Mac accidentally finds the missing lab rats in Bronson’s bedroom and tips Veronica off.

Veronica confronts Bronson with her discovery and he shows her the box that the rats were sent to him in. Veronica tells the lab technicians, who pass the information onto the police, but not before Mac warns Bronson. Mac finds little leaves on the motherboard and Veronica confronts the plant studying lab technician, who informs Veronica that the leaves are green tea. Later, when Veronica puts together the magazine shreds at the bottom of the rat boxes, she discovers a bunch of half naked women. Veronica pieces it together and realizes that Gil, the male lab technician, stole the monkey to save him from death because Gil formed compassion for Oscar, the monkey. Veronica gives back the check she was awarded for the case and pretends that she was unable to find the monkey.

Manly Mishaps – Dick is convinced that Logan is full of angsty feelings over Veronica and needs to act more like a man. Dick takes Logan and Chip to the beach for some dudes, tasty brew, and tasty waves. Their beach trip takes a turn for the naughty side when some random girls show up and Logan ends up doing something slutty in his car.

Misty Memories – Mac finally gets up the nerve to ask Bronson out on a date, as she begins to walk away, she changes her mind and finally gets her kiss. Meanwhile, Piz and Veronica have a heart to heart over their lack of understanding over the whole hooking up phenomenon. They agree that there is no point to something bad, when they could have the real thing, especially when they know the difference. Their talk inspires Veronica to show up at Logan’s door, where the couple passionately embraces. However, the next morning Piz is dismayed to find that Logan and Veronica are reunited, while Veronica finally realizes Piz’s feelings for her.


Canada – at the first mention of an Around the World themed dorm room party I immediately suggested that Mac and Parker’s room be Canada. And low and behold, a mere twenty minutes later it was Canada. However, I still maintain that they could have at least gotten a Canadian flag and maybe some hockey memorabilia for true over the top Canadian humor. I do appreciate Veronica rocking out to the Barenaked Ladies and repeatedly saying “eh.”

Sexual Baggage Club – Instead of being called “Charlie’s Angels” the trio of Veronica, Mac, and Parker should truly be called the “Sexual Baggage Club.” Seriously, all three of them have been sexually abused in some way. Veronica was drugged by Madison and raped by Beaver; Mac was sexually assaulted and her clothes were stolen by Beaver, the one boy she loved; and Parker was drugged by Moe and raped by Mercer. Parker even makes note of it by joking about getting back on the saddle and how she was the one most recently sexually assaulted. I’m amazed these girls can even get out of bed, let alone entertain gentleman callers and solve mysteries.

You Gotta Love Dick – Dick is humor and love in the smallest of actions and moments. Nothing is quite as funny and ridiculous as Dick taking pictures of his private parts underneath his bathrobe, throwing it over the balcony, and hoping that an old lady will find it. Dick’s stunts are so juvenile and Dick-like, that you can’t help but thinking they are funny, even if they are absolutely silly and awful.

Pursuit of Happiness – finally, we see our main characters looking a little happy. Mac finally breaks free from the depression of Beaver’s treatment of her and has the guts to form a romantic attachment with Bronson. Veronica finally breaks free of her tumultuous sadness and realizes she wants to be with Logan, all done in the form of a peppy and somewhat fun Veronica. Parker is back to her upbeat and fun-loving self, free from the anger and bitterness of her scarring rape. The only person still unable to live in the land of happily ever after is Logan. Logan remains the sappy, spineless character he has become this season. Even Dick points out that Logan’s man parts have been torn out of him – finally, one of the characters is mentioning what I’ve been saying all season. Please, oh please, can we have the real Logan back!!!! Give this Logan back to the evil pod people.

Where’s Wallace – as per usual, I gotta complain about the missing character, and this week results in a missing Wallace. However, before I complain too much, I must say I’m not too upset, because this is the first time they’ve truly used Mac’s character to her full capacity this season. Woo hoo Mac!!!!


Veronica: You should hire someone to do this.
Keith: You’re lucky I’m not a farmer, you’d be out plowing a field.

Veronica: Wikipedia says not a what but a where called Manilla, after hemp from the Phillipines.
Keith: Guess that would explain why this filing is giving me such a buzz.

Mac: Wow… this is one trashed lab. All it’s missing is a big hole in the wall shaped like the Hulk.

Veronica: We’re talking monkey? As in…
Mac: Touch my.
Lab Tech: It’s not just any monkey.
Veronica: Please tell me he plays piano.

Veronica: If there’s hilarity, I charge extra.

Mac: This soft spot here is for all creatures’ great and small.
Veronica: Okay, the more the merrier. All we need is one more angel and we got a show.

Mac: Does this say cruelty free?
Parker: It says… I’ve given up… don’t look at me.

Mac: I prefer most of the people on my floor not in my room.

Veronica: What??? I raised my hand.

Dick: If this were a book, the theme of my essay would be the symbolism of how your character had his man parts ripped off by the Veronica Mars character.
Logan: My man parts are intact.
Dick: Show me.
Logan: Well, you have to take my word for it.

Dick: What are we on the View? Am I Rosie O’Donnell

Bronson: Your friend seems pretty gun ho.
Mac: Veronica? She played pee wee soccer; she made her own penalty card so she could red card players she didn’t like.

Keith: I was just thinking if I was going to get drunk and shoot myself, I’d probably drink the good stuff first.
Veronica: Shish… good thing we don’t have any good stuff.

Veronica: Are you saying we should mingle?
Parker: I’m saying there’s a saddle Veronica, and we should be back in it.

Veronica: Canada is closing, border control issues.

Mac: Geez, why are you so down on people raping the planet?

Veronica: He seems like a really nice guy. Just a regular Vegan J, looking for his Mackie-O.

Logan: I thought chicks were a distraction?
Dick: I didn’t say a bad distraction.

Pop Culture References:
Wikipedia – famous online informational search tool
Hulk – Marvel Comic Book Character
Charlie’s Angels – TV Show & Movie
Garden State – Movie
The View – TV Talk Show
Barenaked Ladies – Popular Canadian Band

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