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Season 3, Episode 9
"Spit & Eggs"

Aired November 28, 2006 on The CW
Recap/Review by Yellowqueen22

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Yellowqueen22, moderator of the Neptunesite Forums (swing by there if you haven't already!), is now gracing us with weekly recaps and reviews of VM episodes. WARNING: If you have not seen the episode, spoilers definitely follow.

Short Summary:

Veronica discovers the identify of the Hearst rapist by almost becoming the newest Hearst rape victim. Dean O’Dell discovers his wife’s infidelity, only to be rewarded with a shocking cliffhanger surprise. Logan finally calls it quits on his dysfunctional relationship with Veronica.


“Sounds like fun, right?”

The Opening - The episode begins with Mac and Parker overlooking a wild fraternity party, while an obviously terrified Veronica runs through the dorm hallways. Veronica frantically bangs on the door of Piz and Wallace’s room, she sinks to the floor, her face cut up and bloody, only to see a pair of shoes in front of her… cut to the opening credits… cut to two days earlier.

It’s All Greek to Me - Clare, Fern, and Nish, with fellow Lilith House members, ride a float gloating about the closure of the Greek system. Dick, in typical frat boy style, moons the girls as they pass by. Later in the episode, an unidentified alumnist shows up to Dean O’Dell’s office to put financial pressure on Dean O’Dell to ensure that the Greek System stays on campus. Later that evening, Dean O’Dell shows up at Piz’s radio program to notify the students that there was a conflict of interest in the vote and that the Greek System is now back on campus. As a result of the reinstatement of the Greek System, Dean O’Dell is egged and attacked by the Lilith House angry females.

The rapist places an advertisement in the classified section of the school newspaper indicating that he will choose his next victim at the Pi Sig party. Parker shows Veronica the advertisement and then gives her a rape whistle, as well as a coaster to test if a drink has a rape drug in it. Veronica brings the coaster to the Dean, recommending that the Pi Sig’s hand them out at the party. After Veronica receives her perfect murder paper back with a note from Timothy on it, she goes to meet him in his office. While waiting for him, Veronica looks over his creepy rape investigation board with Chip, Dick, and other Pi Sigs circled. Moments later, Timothy’s girlfriend shows up, who turns out to be Bonnie, the girl sleeping with Dick and other Pi Sigs.

Veronica convinces Wallace, Piz, and Mac to attend the Pi Sig party to help her find the Hearst rapist. Veronica gives Moe her number to call her if any of the girls he picks up on the safe ride are obliterated. Veronica gives all her pals coasters to sneakily dip into girl’s drinks, as well as fake IDs. Veronica flips out at Chip after seeing that the coasters provided by the Pi Sigs aren’t up to standard. Timothy Foyle shows up to flip out about Bonnie’s infidelity, mentioning that he slept with someone for every person she slept with.

The momentum picks up when a drink tests positive, as Wallace and Logan drive to her off campus apartment. Veronica makes an announcement looking for the girl they suspect of being given the drug, just before Mercer’s radio show begins to play. A girl comes forward to tell Veronica that the girl in question didn’t attend the party, but gave her ID to her younger sister, who left the party early to go back to her dorm room because she wasn’t feeling well. Veronica calls in a bomb threat with the police department to try and evacuate the dorms, but the police ignore it as an idle thread.

Meanwhile, Veronica hides in the girl’s room to discover that Mercer is the rapist. Mercer finds Veronica in the room and attacks her, but she manages to escape after impaling him with a unicorn. And now we are back to the beginning – a frantic and Veronica running the halls of the dormitory and banging on Wallace’s dorm room. Moe arrives and offers her help after Veronica informs him that Mercer is the rapist. Moe leaves Veronica in his dorm room with tea, while he goes to find a few guys to help the girl still left in the dorm room.

While alone in Moe’s room, Veronica sees a picture of Moe and Mercer together, and then begins to feel the effects of the date rape drug Moe had slipped into Veronica’s tea. Veronica hides in the closet and tries to call her father on Moe’s cell phone. While looking for weapons in the closet, she finds the hair shaved from the raped girls. Mercer and Moe arrive back to the dorm and find her in the closet. Before Veronica passes out she witnesses a strange prison like bond between the boys (remember that in episode 3.2, Moe made reference to the life changing effect of the prison experiment), and manages to blow the rape whistle Parker had given her earlier in the episode.

Mercer goes back to his room to get more GHB, but on his way back Parker confronts him and starts screaming rape. Moe exits his room frightened and looking for Mercer’s help, while other students emerge from their rooms to help Parker. Mercer leaves after his attempts to calm the students down fails and Moe chases after him. Parker breaks into Moe’s room to find an unconscious Veronica. Keith finds Mercer and Moe in a hotel room outside of Neptune after getting Moe’s number from Veronica’s phone call earlier that night. After finding out about the attempted rape on Veronica, Logan smashes in a police car to ensure he is put in a cell with Mercer and Moe.

Not Feeling the LoVe - Logan finally pulls the plug on the tumultuous and angsty LoVe relationship after meeting up with Veronica. Veronica shares news of the break up with Wallace and Mac, who are concerned with Veronica’s well being. Veronica comes home to find Keith going on a business trip (O’Dell case, see below) and tells him about the breakup. He offers to cancel the trip, but she assures him that she is fine. Moments later we see a heartbroken Veronica break down in the shower. Later in the episode, Dick takes the opportunity to rub Veronica’s nose in the fact that Logan broke up with her. More salt is applied to the wounds when Veronica sees Logan talking to another girl at the Pi Sig party.

O’Dell, Not So Well - Weevil and Dean Cyrus O’Dell bond over boxing matches and cable television. Mrs. Mindy O’Dell shows up at Cyrus’ office to let him know that she is going out of town on business with her male colleague, Wally. Cyrus asks for Keith’s help to determine if his wife is cheating on him with Wally. Keith discovers that Wally is gay and reports to the Dean that he has nothing to worry about. Veronica realizes that Keith’s business trip was in relation to Mindy, when the Dean lets it slip that his wife is coming back from Sacramento, the same place Keith went on his trip. Veronica reveals to Keith that Mindy is sleeping with Professor Landry. Keith is forced to tell Cyrus of his wife’s affair, as well as the details regarding the use of the pseudonym Rory Finch and the meetings at the Neptune Grand (see episode 3.6).

Keith keeps Cyrus company while he drinks to obliteration and muses over his wife’s infidelity. Keith leaves a drunken Cyrus half-asleep on the couch, however, Cyrus gets up and pulls a gun out of his desk drawer. Cyrus shows up at the Neptune Grand to find his wife with Professor Landry. Next we find Cyrus passed out the couch in his office. He wakes to find his office window being egged. Suddenly, the door to his office is opened; he looks over and says “what are you doing here?” The next morning, Weevil finds Dean O’Dell dead with his head lying across his desk and a bullet whole in his forehead.


Logan Grew a Backbone – finally, Logan stood up and said what I’ve been saying all along. Logan is not the type of character to stand in the sidelines and mope after a girl, he should be right by her side. I’m so glad he finally figured it out and had the guts to do something about it. Even better, Logan lived up to his word of always being there for Veronica by trying to help her solve the rape case, even after the breakup. Now, why can’t their romantic relationship look like that? Finally, Logan was true to form as he purposely smashed a police car in order to get alone time with Mercer and Moe, who just tried to rape the love of his life.

Veronica Has Heart – I’m so relieved that Veronica finally showed some real emotion and care for Logan. Perhaps it is too late for LoVe, but at least we were given a more human reaction to the breakup. Although Veronica tried to stay strong and stoic, it was clear to the viewer and to Veronica’s friends that Veronica was upset and grieving from the break up. One of the best moments of the episode was watching Veronica finally breakdown in the shower after trying to be emotionless for so long. The shower scene was also reminiscent to Veronica’s breakdown in the shower during season one, when she believed that Logan was the one to rape her or at least be involved in her rape (see episode 1.21).

It All Connects – I love how everything came together neatly in this episode. The fact that Mercer faked his radio call in show and his other alibi was ineffectual because Nish faked her rape. The fact that Moe was so clearly affected by the prison experiment, and Mercer turned out to be the guard to his prisoner. The fact that Parker’s rage turned into positive action, resulting in her distribution of the rape whistle and drug testing coaster, and then in her saving Veronica after hearing the rape whistle. Things that were focused on in previous episodes, for apparently no reason, finally came together in this episode.

Who Picked the Band – just a side note since I can’t complain about any missing characters this week. Who picked that awful cover band??? Let me rephrase, the band was not awful, but it was not a band that would normally be playing at a fraternity party. First off, they were a much older group. Second, they were playing covers of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.” So the question is: how did they get this spot on Veronica Mars???

Work It – Piz works this episode good. Not only is he now officially a part of the Scoobie gang, helping with the drug testing and all, but he’s also just funny. Nothing beats Piz dancing his little heart out and trying to play drunk in order to distract dancers on the floor, while Wallace tries to test a drunk girl’s drink. Kudos to Chris Lowell for playing such a dorky nice character, who sets off my funny meter.


Veronica: Great job Dick! I’m sure you won that debate.
Logan: He’s a master debater.

Logan: I don’t think I quite measure up to the person you want me to be. I just can’t take feeling like a disappointment anymore.

Logan: I’m not built to stand on the sidelines.

Logan: But I’m always here, if you need anything. But you never need anything.

Veronica: I’m fine, seriously. I just told the two of you because I thought you should know. I’m not looking for a pity party.
Wallace: That’s good, cause I always get stuck blowing up the pity balloons.

Timothy: Did I miss something? Are we working together now? Are we Starsky and Butch?
Veronica: Cagney and Pasty.

Mac: Are you freaking kidding me? The Pi Sig mega apocalypse… hump the furniture, back to the stone age, fifty keg bacchinalia?
Veronica: Sounds like fun, right?
Mac: Will they let me in? I think all the glitter has come off my porn star tube top.
Veronica: Please Mac, I could really use the help.
Mac: Resistance is futile.

Veronica: There you go Bambi, if it turns red he’s trying to rape you, if it doesn’t, he still might be trying to rape you.

Piz: You know when you think about it, it’s not so different from going to a party normally, except instead of trying to avoid the girls that puke in your car…
Wallace: Look, drunk girl, ten o’clock.

Pop Culture References:

Starsky and Hutch – TV Show and Movie
Cagney and Lacey – TV Show
Bacchus – Roman God of Alcohol, Sex & Festivities
Star Trek: The Next Generation – TV Show

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